january 31, 2010 02:57pm

Warm books

Looks like the cold-storage books have more or less all reached 20°C or more.
Put a temperature probe into a box yesterday and measure 20.2°C.

Even though today has been mostly cloudy with snow showers, and 1-2°C, the house has not required any heating to stay ~ 20°C.

This was with a total primary energy consumption of 17kWh for the previous day.

At the same distance before the winter solstace (10-11th November) we lost 1.5°C overnight at an outside temperature of 4-5.5°C, but with an extra 11kWh primary energy consumption!

Although the comparison may be flawed due to unequal solar gains it is evidence enough for me that the house and contents have generally dried out over the winter, and the increase in contents has increased the thermal mass.

The mass increase has been mostly on the 1st floor, which was previously very empty. I think this has balanced the thermal absorption and probably improved it. Previously the slate floor and earth block walls had been very eager to suck up any energy they could from the air. Without any real solar gains in November the thermal mass on the ground floor was ruling the roost.

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