january 30, 2010 12:26pm

Heated storage?

Q. What is the largest energy consuming component of a flushing toilet?
A. The energy absorbed by the cold water used to refill the cistern after every flush.

Q. What is the largest one-off energy consuming element of a new Passivhaus if occupied at the beginning of winter?

A. Well, if you do as we did, and move all your books (and other "stuff" of similar density) out of storage and into the house in the middle of winter...

Over the last 2 weeks we brought the heavy stuff out of storage, where the temperatures were down to about 4-°C. Looking at the jump in space heating I estimate that we have used between 20 and 30kWh just to bring our stored "stuff" up to 20°C.

Specific heat capacity of books: 1.7/(g.K) ?

We have about 750kg of books, so that's roughly 1,275,000 J per °C. that's about 5.7kWh.... hmmm...

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