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2010 energy numbers (updated 01/01/11)

The two key energy usage totals for 2010 (January 1st to December 31st) are:

Space Heating: 14.97 kWh/(m².yr)

Primary Energy: 105.64 kWh/(m².yr)
(Direct hot water, heating, auxilliary and household electricity)

We heated almost up to the 15kWh point. Below are the average temperatures for this winter so far:

Outdoor avg °CIndoor avg °C
Novemebr5.4 20.55


When the recent cold snap hit I was very deflated. I looked at the January figures and expected similar space heating requirements. But it seems the house was still drying out last winter. It is now more responsive and 5-12 kWh a day has kept the house at an average temperature of 19-20°C.

We have had a number of sunny days. Christmas day was another good example: Clear bright sun from dawn. This was enough to push the living room temperature to a high of 22.6°C.


I'm slightly embarrassed to admit how excited I am. Everyone else around me is being very polite and tolerant. To most it's just a little less interesting than watching grass grow.

I'm jubilant actually :) Given how low the average temperatures have been this year, especially compared to our PHPP climate model, the house is performing magnificently.

And after all is said and done, it's not rocket science. It is simply good design based on coherent energy conservation principles, following PHPP.

I find it more and more incomprehensible that the UK is still discussing how to create a model for designing and building houses with a reduced energy footprint.

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