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Summer shading


Many visitors to Y Foel will at some point suggest we cut down a number of trees, particularly those close to the house. We have several reasons for not doing this:
We love trees and the wildlife they provide a home to.
Cost and physical difficulty on a sloping site.
Summer shading.

I confess that the third reason has proven to be of much greater importance than I realised during the design and build of Y Foel. I now sometimes list it first and almost claim it as a design "feature" ;)

The pictures above illustrate the level of shading provided on the 14th June by hazel and willow to the south east.

In early and late summer the foliage on the trees to the east, south and south-west significantly reduce the risk of overheating.

We are now entering winter and those leaves are mostly gone. The sun shines through the branches and most of the solar gain is restored.

If you are designing a very low energy house which relies on solar gain please take a close look at any trees or large shrubs to the east south and west. Try to estimate the shading effect through spring summer and autumn before you chop them down!


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