november 09, 2010 12:51pm

Summer 2010

One day in September two friends were lamenting the absence of any real summer this year. I opened my mouth to correct them, but as I was about to speak I had a sudden, almost shocking realisation that our experience at Y Foel was radically different to those of our friends in more conventionally built homes.

This last summer to me was long and quite warm. However, the average temperatures seem to contradict that memory. Spring was very cold, and mid-summer was cool at best, with a lot of cloud at times.

Because of our extensive glazing even the colder summer days were warm and bright. Even moving in and out of doors there is something about the even temperatures and constant relative humidity in our house that means you don't seem to feel the outside cold as much either.

This is another surprising side effect of a Pasivhaus: It has transformed a mediocre spring/summer into one of the finest I can remember (and yes, I was outdoors much of the time, trying to grow as much veg as possible without much soil at all).


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