april 13, 2010 10:47am

A day in the life

0410dd7q532u (640x448).jpg

Above is a chart of the last 24-hours showing from top to bottom:

Outside relative humidity
Inside relative humidity
Inside average temperature (5 thermo/hygro room sensors)
Oustside temperature.

The numbers are not clear but as a guide the indoor temperature is just above the 20°C line of the Y axis. The X-axis range is 5-85. The Y-axis is in hourly intervals from 10AM yesterday to 10AM today.

I really wish everyone could experience this, it's wonderful. And despite what some PH critics might claim the level of control over indoor conditions is actually quite amazing too. Some very deeply rooted old concepts about what can be expected from a home need to be binned.

If we can do this, with JPW Construction, why aren't all houses now built using similar principles? (It is of course a rhetorical question.)

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