march 11, 2010 04:06pm

Charging the batteries

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The sun heats the Welsh slate and feeds the Ibstock earth block walls.

We briefly hit just over 26°C today in the sun-space, but the thermal mass soaks up the excess and releases it slowly overnight. Most of the house reached between 23 and 24°C air temperature. Just under 10°C maximum outside, -1.7°C in the morning.

The plentiful sunshine during the last week has allowed me to experiment again. This time I'm trying to see at what point we will need to open windows and use passive ventilation. So far I have been able to leave the MVHR (Drexel and Weiss aerosilent) running without the summer bypass, and keep the windows closed. Our Nordan NTech windows block just enough heat energy with a clear blue sky in early March. We are just reaching the point where the roof overhang and window returns will begin to shade the upper glazed areas.

The house is so full of light and warm that it feels like the best of british summers.... until you open the door.

The relative humidity has stayed at 40-50% so even 26°C still feels comfortable. This has been a surprise since I usually start to wilt at anything above 25°C. The air still feels light and fresh thanks to the constant gentle exchange of air through the MVHR. I love it :)

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