february 12, 2010 11:04am

Thermal mass steps up a gear?

A very sunny day yesterday. It temporarily pushed the internal temperature up to 23°C on the ground floor, which has happened before this winter, but yesterday it stayed above 21°C all the way to about 18:30.

Today there is a lot of cloud with the occasional extended sunny interval. At 11:00 the temperature is 21.2°C inside and 6.8°C outside. RH 73%/50%.

Surface temperature measurements of the slate floor and earth block walls on the ground floor show a 1-2°C increase over the last week.

The surface temperature of the union between the slate floor and the central earth block wall is 20.2°C.

The earth block wall core temperature (centre of ground floor at mid height) is currently 20.1°C. This is 2°C warmer than it was in mid November.

Well, we were warned it might take some months for the house to dry out, but it's our first house and it is hard to imagine just how long the drying and warming phase can last.

Y Foel has large thermal mass on the ground floor: Although the concrete slab is quite thin the slate floor is quite massive and covers 70% of the floor area. The slates are an average of 30mm thick and are laid on 20mm dabs of mortar that cover about 80% of the slate area. The earth block walls and lime render are 280mm thick.

I'll have to do the math soon and work out the mass and heat storage capacity.....

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