february 11, 2010 11:47am

Relative Humidity: spring?

Another cold snap but the sun is higher, the air drier and the house is drier?

I have been monitoring the relative humidity outdoors and indoors for about a month now. The outdoor humidity has been above 90% for almost the whole time, mostly 93-96%. The indoor humidity stayed between 50 and 56%.

Today at 11:45AM the RH is down to 56% outdoors, but indoors it is still at 48%. Outdoor temperature is 6.7°C and indoors 22.3°C. Warm but very comfortable for us.

It seems the house is doing a very good job of regulating the indoor RH.

But, I obviously must get hold of an indoor monitoring system that logs the RH and temperature throught the day for at least 4 points in the house...

Posted By: MarkTiramani

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